<span class="riyad_title">About TLW</span>

About TLW

"We Women Will Rise With Grace, Poise and Integrity Because We Are Women That Rise"



Inspiring Women to discover and be introduced to their future self

Unleash Your Inner  Goddess

I am  Jennifer McConnell  Your Certified Life Enhancement Coach

Our Mission is to teach as many Women How to

Rise above the Obstacles Life throws at us and tackle their Fears and Challenges by

taking back their Personal Power and turn their dreams into Reality

So we can Illuminate the way for others.

I will show you your Internal Strength and Resilience,

Living Unapologetically on your own terms and learning what that means to you,

Cutting through your Beliefs, Self-Sabotage and anything else that may get in your way,

I will help you see what is really Possible and show you that it is not as far away as you may think!

When did you STOP BELIEVING that you CAN do anything?

Live the life you were born to live

Live Your True You!™