How to find your Full Potential

Many people at some point may have made a statement that you have a lot of potential. We all have potential, but there’s rarely anyone around who can show us, tell us or advise us how to realize it. What good is potential if your’re unable to capitalize on it?

This is a funny thing, it can’t be qualified, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cultivated.

Here are some tips to help you reach your highest potential:

  1. Work on your strengths. Your greatest achievements will likely be a product of your strengths, Expect to spend some time fully developing your ability to apply your strengths to all aspects of your life.
  2. Keep your eyes open. we all miss countless opportunities to maximize our potential and better our lives. We get stuck in the same mental routines and fail to see all the opportunities around us. An open mind is crucial to reaching your full potential.
  3. Work on your Weaknesses. While your weaknesses probably won’t take you far, they can certainly limit you. Most people avoid their weaknesses and refuse to work on them.
  • For example, you can see this at the gym. People like to do exercises they’re already good at. However, they avoid the exercises they’re bad at like the plague.
  • or when you were in school there was always that one subject you were not good at so instead of working on it to master it you ran from it and only studied the subject you were great at.


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