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Cerita Cholette

Cerita Cholette

Confidence & Health Coach

- Michagan, USA

Before working with Jenn, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life! I was all over the place, confused, stuck, and extremely unhappy with the current state of my life. My husband and I were worlds apart, I felt like the worst mom, and I was dealing with the loss of my son. Needless to say, this was a pivotal point in my life. One where I could transition into the life I wanted to live, or slide further into depression. When Jenn came along, I felt like I had someone in my corner. Someone who believes in me as a woman, mother, and coach. She helped me to spark my passion again and discover what I’m truly talented at.

Within the first 7 weeks of working with Jennifer McConnell my life has changed.

I had a goal to be a homeowner by January 2017. It happened in 6 months from when I wrote it down.
I wanted a closer relationship with friends, family, my husband and children. All are growing because I focused on healing the relationship with myself first.
I wanted to get back to focusing on my physical health. I feel great and lost 13 pounds in two weeks.
Never have I ever felt better in body, mind, and spirit.

Be open to the possibility that it may happen faster than you can comprehend. It may not come wrapped in a package you recognize.
Its 11/11. Be open to the opportunities coming your way today.

Right from our first session together, Jenn came in with guns blazing. Her no fluff approach broke through my resistance to discover my love of writing and coaching.

  I now have a road map and you helped me to see that it was already there. I truly believe the best coaches lift the blinders, remind us that we have everything we need to fight, and decrypt our limiting beliefs. You are one of those. I feel clearheaded, empowered, and ready to freaking rock it.

Just what I needed to light that fire again!

Meridith Rose

Meridith Rose

Fitness & Health Coach

New York, USA

My problem was I knew what I needed to do I just didn't executed it which you were there to guide me in putting pen to paper and writing the things down.
I had too many pots on the stove going sort to speak and you helped me with structuring myself and dealing with one thing at a time instead of giving for things 25% to four things give one thing 100% and moving onto the next task
I can say the thing that resonates with me the most is your voice, your tone, how you spoke from the heart with love, truth, realness and simply just honest.. And I am so grateful for that, you and your words.
if so elaborate The session as s whole was break through. As I look back and think and see the notes I took for me to reflect I seen the blue print of stepping into the next phase of my life. I still have a date book till this day and jot everything down and I have s separate one for my growth and progresses in my achievements..... Thanks to you.
My experience with you was talking to a deer friend who I felt like new me and knew what I was capable of doing. And you didn't give me advice but had me do the work to find out what I needed and wanted for me with no rosy glasses.
Your voice, tone, words and how you handled the session wasn't like one you'd expect. It was a wonderful blessing for me to have spoken to you. You truly are amazing at what you do and that just being you.

Kay Sanders

Kay Sanders

Author of The Coaching Blueprint 


Brianna Penney

Brianna Penney


My biggest problem was starting out with photography. I was unaware of how to get customers. On top of getting my business started, my big problem was being overly shy. I was not really used to being in charge/being in a directing role. You helped push me out of my comfort zone and take the necessary leadership role.
You helped me begin to open up and let go of my shy behaviors. You worked with me and helped me start up my business.
You helped me by talking with me over long periods of time and understanding where I would need assistance. You understood that I was just starting in my business and I would need a lot of practice, but you were still willing to help me and give me the chance to show that I wanted it.
We did photos together. My experience working with you was great! I really liked your enthusiasm and your style. You are a very laid-back person, you are very easy to talk to, but also very inspirational at the same time.

Hazel Fernandez

Hazel Fernandez

Positive Chick


Montreal, Canada

Jennifer is a great coach! She made me feel at ease and brought me to a place of trusting myself to share my vulnerability. She is able to give me the tools I need to face my fears and be able to move forward with my life as I make a difference in other people's lives. Her easy approach to tapping what's really going on inside me made me feel good about myself and looking forward to meeting my successful "future self" is what makes me motivated to do the work and implement the things I already know.
Thank you Jennifer. The world needs you! I am so grateful that our paths met.

small white™

Michelle Stevens

No picture, As per client request

Toronto, Canada

When it came down to it, my biggest problems were low self-esteem, and the inability to forgive myself for past mis-steps.  My career was really, non-existent, I was unhappy with who I was, and afraid of taking on new challenges, always fearing rejection.  Jen really helped me look at things logically.  She was sympathetic, but didn't sugar-coat things, and forced me to take good look at myself, and what it was that was truly holding me back.

Jen helped me work through the pain left over from my divorce, as well as the choices born out of fear that I had made.  She really made me accountable for my own success, and helped me start to treat myself better.  While there was not any one session that I would say was a "breakthrough" session, one thing I treasured about our sessions was the comfortable and completely non-judgmental atmosphere.  I felt "safe," able to openly and freely discuss my feelings and thoughts. 
I am now employed by a company with which I am proud to be associated, working towards the career I've known I wanted to pursue for years.  I am more honest with myself, and therefore others.  I weather negative experiences better (and find the lessons or value in the struggle).  I still get upset or angry, of course.  Nothing is perfect (something very easy to accept now).  However, I really do wake up grateful and happy to be who I am, and for where I am going in life.  I have a plan, but not one so rigid that I can't adapt.  I feel more free.
The best thing about Jen is the lack of condescension.  She is honest, but finds the kindest way for you to be tougher on yourself.  She was crucial to this change in my life, and I feel like I have friend helping me along the way.

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