<span class="riyad_title">Untold Stories Of Resilience</span>

True Real Life Stories


This book was born out of the continuing need to see all those who have been wounded, finding a path back to that natural state of being. The courageous authors whose chapters make up this anthology have selflessly opened up their internal treasure chest to share personal life experiences. The human attributes of courage, strength, and refusing to yield to unfavorable conditions are therefore inextricably linked to the quality of being resilient. A healthy human spirit pursues happiness, freedom, love, success, and all the other associated states of being. Even when we are wounded emotionally, physically, mentally, or otherwise, our human spirit still aspires to attain the intrinsic state of being contented.

Meet the Authors


Jennifer McConnell

is a passionate, dedicated and driven woman who takes pride in empowering women.


Lindani Moyo

is the founder of Black African Women Rock(BAWR), an organization founded in 2013 based in the UK. she is also owner of LadyLi Events.


Hilda Pachawo

is a Personal Assistant working in the National Health Service. 


Monica Kunzekweguta

is a multiple best-selling International Author and compiler, she is the CEO of Authors Without Boundaries 


Rutendo Loveness Saurombe-Reid

 Loveness lives to make a difference every single day. After going through so many challenges in her own life, she shares her personal stories to motivate and inspire others, to change their own life.


Mavis Mundirwa

is passionate about women empowerment and she runs a Facebook group of Widows called Widows of Substance.

Harold Sharara

is an alumni of several Canadian universities, and specializes in Diagnostic Cognitive Psychology.


Crystal Cathell

is the Editorial Director for Authors Without Boundaries. Recently featured in Amazon best seller

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